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A nice, descriptive, and classy blog designed especially for the best astrological sign out there: Scorpio. ♏ As far as who I am, I'm just a lover of astrology and all things beautiful.

Quick summary,

Aquarius Sun:

  1. Independent, brilliant, free-spirited, and social.
  2. He/she is going to love freedom, so don’t try to smother them or they’ll run far away! Give them time.
  3. They keep to themselves and don’t speak about their problems very easily. Once they’re really good friends with someone though, they’ll do anything for them.
  4. They are faithful and loyal in all relationships.
  5. They are the type of people that give. A lot of times, they end up being disappointed emotionally, because they expect more out of others.
  6. Emotionally wise, they don’t communicate too well. With any other situation though, they’re quite the charmer. ;) They’re friendly and outgoing to anyone.
  7. These are natural born leaders. Not only are they charismatic, but they possess a certain rebellious streak that others find attractive.

Scorpio Moon:

  1. People with moon in Scorpio are emotionally intense. They’re an “all or nothing” type, and avoidance or a nonchalant attitude towards anything will drive them crazy.
  2. They can see right through people. Highly intuitive people.
  3. Commitment is a must.
  4. They are extremely loyal and devoted in any relationship/friendship they are in.
  5. They’re highly ambitious and stubborn: two qualities that could work wonders when combined together. That’s why they usually get what they want. They are absolutely motivated and have the drive and persistence inside of them.
  6. They’re emotional, so watch what you say/do.

Gemini Rising:

  1. Restless, but curious. Gemini Rising will always be the one asking questions.
  2. When they see someone they admire, they tend to mirror their actions, style, and attitude.
  3. They’re the ultimate social butterflies and rarely get close to others. They find it uncomfortable to allow people in their inner circle.
  4. They’re intellectual and are great conversationalists!