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Phew..what a combo! You two can make it work if both of you guys are willing to make it work. Each of you separately have a strong personality already, and together, you will be a dynamic duo. Just watch out for pride here…the relationship will be a pretty passionate one, but don’t allow the need to dominate (on both sides) to blow out the flame.


Yes. Personally, I think they’re one of the hardest signs to get to know other than Scorpios and Virgos. He’s naturally a cautious and reserved person with one hell of a wall built up.
However, most Capricorns are pretty polite. Find a way to talk to him and go from there :)


With this, it’ll be a hit or a miss. Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio, and it could be one of the best relationships you’ve ever had or the worst. You guys are both stubborn and would want to lead the relationship. I always felt like Taurus and Scorpio were one of the greatest matches, because together, they’re sexy, loyal, passionate, and understand each other. The main thing is compromise. Once you guys discussed and came to an agreement on a few aspects of your relationship, it can turn out amazing. :)


I don’t wanna seem negative.. but I don’t think it would work out. :|
Both your moon and sun signs are water elements and this man is a pure Gemini. Your emotions run deep, and you take love and relationships seriously. Geminis are more free-spirited and flighty when it comes to relationships, and getting a male Gemini to tie down for the long term is extremely rare. If you’re looking for commitment and something with this guy, I don’t think it’s going to happen. It could happen, but not as long as you may want it to. Not only that, but your emotions and thoughts run deep, and the typical Gemini male may find that too intense or suffocating.

If you’re looking for a one night stand however or just to have a fling with this guy, it could work out. But something that’s going to last awhile? Ehh.. highly unlikely.


Sorry to say, but I don’t really see this pair happening :(. Somebody with Scorpio and Capricorn combined together is going to be naturally suspicious, reserved, and serious about commitment. A person with Aquarius sun and Gemini moon seeks out fun and light relationships. Scorpio/Capricorn is an all or nothing type of person in everything they do, and the somewhat irresponsible and flighty attitude of Aquarius/Gemini isn’t going to mix well.

The positives in this relationship:

  • Aquarius/Gemini has an exquisite mind and will have great, thought-provoking conversations with Scorpio/Capricorn. Scorp/Cap will LOVE this.
  • Aquarius/Gemini has a carefree attitude that can loosen up Scorpio/Capricorn.
  • Scorpio/Capricorn is incredibly ambitious and know how to obtain their goals. They are hard workers, and can help guide Aquarius/Gemini to the right direction.

It will be an incredibly difficult relationship, but a LOT of compromise and understanding needs to be done on both parts. Don’t try to change each other, instead work with one another.


I did a post about this before, check my Answered Questions or Compatibility!


Two Scorpios combined together is already hot and intense!

You may feel as if he wants you..but is it for the right reasons? He may just want another hook-up instead of a relationship (if that’s where you’re getting at). For your last question, if you want a hook-up like him, then do it. But let’s say you both want a relationship. Take it slow, don’t be afraid of your feelings, and talk about it.


This is definitely an intense and powerful relationship, and it will be a challenge. Both are quite stubborn (given that they’re fixed signs, I’m not surprised), proud, and confident. Leo and Scorpio will be completely loyal to one another, but they both have to control their temper and jealousy. It could work out, but Scorpio needs to learn to trust and express her feelings more whereas Leo needs to stop being so damn arrogant all the time! It has potential to be a good relationship though; Leo will spoil and lavish his lady and she admires his strength and confidence.

As far as winning him over, be the fantastic Scorpio you are and work your charm. Compliment him; he loves anything that will boost his ego. More importantly though, be yourself! Best of wishes :)


You can find out more about your sun by looking through my blog or other blogs/websites/books. Even if it says “Scorpio woman”, the Scorpio man will pretty much possess the same traits and what not :)

Having an ascendant in Scorpio, you have a presence that is not to be (excuse my language) fucked with. You have a certain aura about you that commands respect, even if you’re the shy and quiet type. You’re a very private person and nosy or overbearing people irritate you to no end. You’re a very loyal and devoted friend/boyfriend and expect nothing less in all of your relationships. You don’t believe in superficiality and will only open up to somebody if you know they’re in it for the long haul too. You’re the type of man who wants full commitment and want love to last-otherwise there is no point! You’re extremely ambitious and will stop at nothing to get what you truly want. You’re pretty stubborn and competitive and while some may see this as a negative quality, you embrace it.

Having an Aquarius moon, you are intellectual, stubborn, and independent. You could be an optimistic and energetic person to be around, cheering those around you. Great and meaningful conversations are your forte, and you’re extremely magnetic whether you know it or not. You have a strong need for independence and will resist anybody who tries to smother or control you (just like your sun and ascendant sign!).


I agree; they really do have the potential to be a great pair! It just takes a lot of understanding and compromise. Once both are achieved, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work out.